Lemurian Enhydro Wand of Ascension

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One of the most coveted tools of the witch is the wand. The wand is used in ritual as an extension of the witch themself. A tool that amplifies and aims the energy being manipulated during ritual.

This wand is one of a kind, carefully crafted by hand and adorned with a very clear Lemurian Seed Quartz and an alluring Enhydro Quartz. The wand is composed of copper. Copper is out material of choice for many reasons, among which are its powerful grounding power as well as the way that it amplifies the crystals that it encases.

Hold this wand in hand as you connect with your higher self and ground yourself in preparation. Breathe deep your intentions and begin.

The Lemurian Enhydro Wand of Ascension is packaged with love and we would love to see your unveiling. Give us a follow on instagram @join.crystal.coven to keep the magic going! Please use and store carefully. All sales are final and greatly appreciated.