Obsidian Scrying Mirror and Mugwort Kit

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This kit is perfect to delve into divination. Included is an Obsidian Scrying Mirror with a stand, Mugwort Smudge, Selenite Pencil Wand and a Black Spell Candle.

Obsidian was created by quickly cooling lava, therefore containing the elements of fire, water and earth. Obsidian is know as the Stone of Truth and is an excellent Scrying Stone. Obsidian blocks negativity while encouraging sight, embrace this mirror with an open mind and be rewarded.

Mugwort (Black Sage) is sought after for its use as a divinitory herb. It’s use can assist is bringing about prophetic dreams as well as astral travel. When combined with a method of divination, Mugwort can enhance our ritual and help us come to terms with knowledge that is not easily digested. Look to Mugwort when wanting to work with the goddess in crone form, she is especially helpful when seeking to welcome wisdom into your practice.

Always open two windows/doors when smudging inside. DO NOT USE Mugwort/Black Sage when PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING. Some affects of Mugwort can be absorbed through the skin, so be aware of how much you handle it. Always practice safe burning practices and never leave a lit smudge unattended.

This Obsidian Mirror has a diameter of 12cm (just under 5 inches). 

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