Shungite Athame of Pure Protection

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One of the most coveted tools of the witch is the athame. The athame is used in ritual and with the intent of the witch commands the manipulation of energy. 

Hold the Shungite Athame of Pure Protection in hand as you connect with the earth and ground yourself in preparation. Breathe deep your intentions and begin.

Shungite is composed almost completely of carbon and is a Purifier Stone. Purifier Stones are potent workers in the metaphysical world. Shungite is a stone of Protection and of Healing and was first discovered in Shunga, Russia.

Shungite is highly sought after for the way it dispels negativity so strongly that it is difficult to speak or think negatively or dishonesty in its presence. Shungite brings the aura a level of psychic protection that is very desirable in ritual.

Our Athames are not intended for any use other than ceremonial. Please do not use for food preparation or place in the dishwasher. Shungite and all other stones should be handled with care.

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