The Reflections of Duality Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal Ball

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Here at Crystal Coven, the crystal ball is one of the most sacred of crystals. The sphere is a feminine shape, full of positive energy and symmetry. Because the sphere itself is a three dimensional circle, it is able to emit it’s beautiful energy equally in all directions. 

This Dark Moonbeams Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal Ball emits the energy of the moon, showcasing the duality of the dark with the light while simultaneously harnessing fierce protection. Are you on a journey to work through your shadows? Do you wish to enhance your time in the light? Or perhaps you need some powerful grounding energy in your sacred space. Tourmaline and Quartz are the perfect storm.

Tourmalated (also known as Tourmalinated) Quartz is the combination of Quartz and Tourmaline. Tourmaline is highly sought after for its ability to transmute or absorb negative energy while quartz is known as the all-purpose healer. When Tourmaline appears inside of quartz, some serious wonders occur. Tourmalated Quartz is able to absorb and transform negativity while simultaneously putting out a healing white light energy. 

This sphere is protective and powerful.

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