The Blue Tara Quartz Collection

Blue Tara Quartz has a soothing energy, it brings a sense of calm to our inner tempests. It is a midwestern storm viewed from a porch, it is both grounding and cleansing. It allows for spiritual growth through the new clearing in the soul and mind. Blue Tara Quartz is known to help with work toward higher levels of spiritual development and psychic abilities. Look to it for assistance with anxiety, protection and communication. Blue Tara Quartz brings serenity in the face of adversity, whether it be a date, an interview, or anything stressful or anxiety inducing.

The sterling silver talismans in this collection have taken many many hours of forging and intention settting, and all talismans have come forth to work with their person. Poised and ready to work with you as you decide to come into your power.