Tool of Divination

The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

Oracle Deck

This Oracle Deck is an excellent guide to those well versed in astrology and those looking to get their first taste. Use this deck to deepen your understanding of astrology as well as a powerful tool for divination.

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Let the Magic Begin

Excerpts From The Grimoire

Ways to Enchant Everyday Life

Finding new ways to enchant daily routines augments the positive energy in our homes and in ourselves. Join us and make the mundane magical through intention setting and embedded rituals.

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The Call of the Crystal Ball

That’s right, Crystal Balls really do line our walls at Crystal Coven. They call to us. They are so much more than spheres made of stone. Each has their own personality and certain energies and situations in which they flourish....

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So You Are a Witch, Now What?

You have felt a gentle (or sudden) awakening and know that there is something more for you. You feel connected. You feel aware. You are ready. Now what?

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