About the Coven

Crystal Coven is a sacred space for the witch in all of us. Crystal Coven is a culmination of energy, inspiration, and mystical adornments for the modern witch.

Megan is the creative force behind Crystal Coven. She draws inspiration from dreams, nature, unusual beauty, occult symbolism and self love. Each empowering talisman is created from a place of love and enriches your sacred space or body with its energy.

The energy of each talisman speaks from the depths of the designer as well as yourself. Each design has a deep sense of individuality. 

Copper electroforming is an involved process that produces a slightly different result every time. This means that even if a piece is reproduced, it is still a one-of-a-kind mystical adornment. 

Once your talisman chooses you, you are enfolded into Crystal Coven.