The Ancient Egyptian Talisman of Reincarnation

The Ancient Egyptian Talisman of Reincarnation

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The Ancient Egyptian Talisman of Reincarnation centers upon the symbolism of the Scarab in Ancient Egypt. The scarab symbolizes life, death, and rebirth, as well as protection in the afterlife.

The scarab was modeled after the dung beetle, which rolls dung and other debris into a large sphere which they bury underground to serve as food for the eggs they lay inside. The act of placing one’s yet to be born  young underground for them to come forth and live upon the surface holds some serious symbolic and literal power.

Call upon your own ability to be reborn as your truest self with this talisman. Reach into yourself and allow the unnecessary constraints of society to fall away. Emerge with the grace and power that you have had all along.

This particular talisman features Green Tourmaline, a birch wood triangle and a bone which we have copper electroformed. The wood and bone cores of this talisman make it much lighter than it appears. Copper is our material of choice for many reasons, including its grounding properties and the way that it amplifies the properties of the stones it surrounds.

This talisman rests upon a 24.5 inch chain held together by a clasp.

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