The Angel Aura Talisman I
The Angel Aura Talisman I

The Angel Aura Talisman I

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Angel Aura Quartz is a gentle stone whose disposition can best be described as sweet. Angel Aura is a general mood enhancer.

Angel Aura Quartz begins as clear quartz, it is heated nearly to the point of melting, then its infused with the gas form of platinum. The resulting color and rainbow sheen are incredible. Combining the incredible creations of the earth and infusing them with science adds a special form of harmony to these special crystals.

This talisman and chain were handmade by Crystal Coven. The pendant and chain are sterling silver with an Angel Aura Quartz crystal point. The carefully hand-forged chain measures 20 inches. This talisman and chain have been darkened for an ancient feel.

Please avoid dropping all handmade jewelry. If possible remove jewelry before sleeping, swimming or bathing to prolong the finish on this talisman.

All purchases are final and much appreciated. Within Crystal Coven, all we do is with intention. Grounded and giving, we send magic your way.