The Finding Your Voice Talisman
The Finding Your Voice Talisman

The Finding Your Voice Talisman

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The Finding Your Voice Talisman emits strong and soothing energy. It is meant to work with you while you find your voice while providing a gentle space to do so. The skulls are meant to remind you that you have the support of your ancestors as you step into your power. You may also set your own intentions for this talisman, both upon receiving it and each time you wear or work with it.

This talisman was carefully handmade by Crystal Coven. The pendant and clasp are hand forged sterling silver with a Black Tourmaline in Quartz center stone with beads made of Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Aquamarine, and Agni Manitite (a pseudo tektite with an energy similar to Moldavite). The carefully hand-knotted chain measures 18 inches. This talisman has been darkened for an ancient feel.

Please avoid dropping all handmade jewelry. If possible remove jewelry before sleeping, swimming or bathing to prolong the finish and knotting on this talisman.

All purchases are final and much appreciated. Within Crystal Coven, all we do is with intention. Grounded and giving, we send magic your way.