The In Your Power Talisman
The In Your Power Talisman

The In Your Power Talisman

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The In Your Power Talisman is a special talisman hand forged in sterling silver by myself. The hours spent are energy that is infused into this spiritual tool.

The back of the pendant is slightly imperfect (see video), adding to the hand forged aspect and not taking away from the comfort or structure of the pendant.

This talisman includes a portion of hand knotted Agni Manitite Beads. Agni Manitite is a pseudo tektite that are also known as Pearls of Fire. It is a form of volcanic glass that has a very special energy that feels like a gentler Moldavite in nature (though they are from earth whereas Moldavite has extraterrestrial origins). Agni Manitite has protective and grounding energy and strengthens one’s personal power.

Blue Tara Quartz has a soothing energy, it brings a sense of calm to our inner storms. It is a midwestern storm viewed from a porch, it is both grounding and cleansing. It allows for spiritual growth through the new clearing in the soul and mind. Blue Tara Quartz is known to help with work toward higher levels of spiritual development and psychic abilities. Look to it for assistance with anxiety, protection and communication. Blue Tara Quartz brings serenity in the face of adversity, whether it be a date, an interview, or anything stressful or anxiety inducing.

It is a new and limited find coming out of two mines in Brazil. The cloudiness of these stones is caused by very fine fibrous blue tourmaline inclusions. If this powerful energy speaks to you, claim it and work your magic.

This particular talisman features an incredible Blue Tara Quartz Gemstone. Stone may have natural fissures that do not affect the stability of the stone.

The hand forged chain of this Talisman measures 16-17 inches. The pendant measures 2.5 inches long, with a total drop down of just over 4 inches.

Please avoid dropping all handmade jewelry as it is fragile. Jewelry should also be removed before sleeping, swimming or bathing. 

This talisman comes ready to wear as well as ready to gift. Keep the magic going and give us a follow on instagram, @join.crystal.coven