The Massive Lodolite D

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A symbol of fertility and masculine strength, the Big D is a strong tool for healing as well as grid work. Are you lacking masculine energy? Masculine energy isn’t about gender, but rather a balance of both feminine and masculine energies within each of us. Do not fear the imbalance, rather, take steps to correct it.

The Massive Lodolite D is a stunning centerpiece to make your crystal collection truly next level. Lodolite is also referred to as Witch’s Stone, Ghost Quartz, Inclusion Quartz, Garden Quartz, Scenic Quartz and several other enchanting names.

It may seem odd that one type of stone could go by so many names, but spend some time with Witch’s Stone and it will make perfect sense. A stone of so many personalities and possibilities, it is revered around the world for its gentle healing power and the way it helps us realize our mystical potential.

Witch’s Stone helps us to release trauma from this life and past lives. Meditate with Witch’s Stone and let it take over while you work through past troubles. Journalling your experiences is a great way to complete the release.

Witch’s Stone is the ideal choice for enhancing spiritual gifts and reaching out to other planes. Witch’s Stone has an overall calm and gentle energy with notes of serious healing and manifestation.

This healing tool stands 9 inches tall and is 4.25 inches wide at the base. This Lodolite D is completely self standing and powerful.

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