The Talisman of Growth
The Talisman of Growth
The Talisman of Growth

The Talisman of Growth

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The Talisman of Growth is meant to bolster the confidence of the wearer as they embrace growth. With change comes things better than you could have ever imagined. Embrace yourself and allow yourself to become.

Moss Agate is a wonderful form of Chalcedony commonly filled with inclusions of chlorite and sometimes iron oxide. Moss Agate has a gentle but strong energy associated with emotional balance, health and prosperity. Feel grounded in its energy as you venture forth into new chapters.

Set your intentions with this talisman each time you adorn yourself and when your attention is drawn to it while worn.

This talisman was handmade by Crystal Coven. The collar is made of sterling silver and Moss Agate, the black cord is leather and the connectors are stainless steel. The cord and connectors measure 14.5-16 inches. The collar (sterling silver) portion measures roughly 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall. This talisman has been darkened for an ancient feel.

Please avoid dropping all handmade jewelry. If possible remove jewelry before sleeping, swimming or bathing to prolong the finish on this talisman. Best practices for storage are in an airtight bag somewhere dry and dark. Occasionally use a polishing cloth gently on the highlighted (brighter) areas of the piece.

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