Ways to Enchant Everyday Life

By The Copper Witch

Ways to Enchant Everyday Life

Whether you are a seasoned witch or a new witch gathering your footing, transforming everyday tasks into magical ones is a fulfilling way to refresh your energy.

Taking advantage of the magic all around us requires intention setting. This transfers beautifully into transforming activities that seem mundane into rewarding practices that add to the loving energy of the home.

An example of how I practice this is by using my shower as an energetic cleanse, a ritual for cleansing the body, the mind and the spirit. When I enter the water I imagine the ancient waters of a sacred spring or thermal pool renewing me. Water is an incredible way to reset one's energy and feel renewed. The sacred element of water has been used in countless rituals around the world and throughout history as a way to cleanse the spirit, (not only in baptisms, but from long before). If a daily ritual such as a shower takes on a magical context, the energy becomes palpable. You emerge from your place of bathing feeling empowered and charged, ready to delight in the blessing of living. 

There are many other ways to embed magic into your daily routine, here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Adorn morning coffee or tea with edible flowers

-Ring a bell or use a singing bowl to perform a sound cleanse

-Use condiments as a way to inscribe your food with magical symbols or sigils

-Gently touch a plant in your home or garden to ground yourself and reconnect with the earth

-Add salt and essential oils to a bath

-Grid crystals and plants in the places where you spend the most time

-Burn sacred smoke (with caution and windows open) or spray a smudging spray

-Play music that sets your energy where you would like it to be

-Light tea lights (with caution) and give thanks to your guides


Please comment below how you add magic to your day to day tasks!


Until Next Time,

The Copper Witch

Crystal Coven

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  • Such wonderful suggestions🖤 I also like to think of tidying and cleaning as a way to renew and cleanse the energy of a space… And cooking with a dash of love and light….and face masks…and moon baths…and selenite light baths… So many wonderful ways to enchant the mundane ✨

    Alia on

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