So You Are a Witch, Now What?

By The Copper Witch

So You Are a Witch, Now What?

So You Are a Witch, Now What?

You have felt a gentle (or sudden) awakening and know that there is something more for you. You feel connected. You feel aware. You are ready. Now what?

With so much information and so many opinions in the aether, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Do you join a coven, pray for guidance, start an herb garden, dance naked in the woods? There is no wrong answer. You can be your own guide. You have what you need within yourself. That being said, you may want to pick up a few things to start.

The best place to start is with some good reading material. A few of our favorites for beginners are listed here:

  • Witch by Lisa Lister
  • Conjuring the Sex Positive: Witches, Sluts, Feminists by Kristen J. Sollée
  • Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac published by Llewellyn Books

Being a witch can mean so many wonderful things. One person’s craft may look nothing like that of another. As you begin your journey, remember to journal your thoughts, feelings and observations, they will be helpful to you as you grow and accumulate knowledge.

Tools are wonderful things that can enhance your craft. Should you rush out and buy everything? No. If you are financially limited, you may wish to purchase one or two totems with which you feel deeply connected. These totems could be a cauldron, wand, crystal, antique trinket, altar cloth, athame, pendulum, a tarot deck, candle, or other object with which you feel a deep connection.

For the Witches of Crystal Coven, being a witch is honoring our connection with the Earth, all creatures, the divine, and ourselves. Knowing that we are all connected in a beautiful way, and that we have all we need to manifest our desires.

Please join us as we connect with ourselves and each other in new ways. The journey shall be full of friends, totems and magic.

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Until next time,

The Copper Witch

Crystal Coven


  • Thank you! This is exactly what I have been needing and I guess looking for in Some sort of way. I woke up some time ago. I guess you can say I been needing guidance. Maybe its here.

    Karen cox on

  • I love your message of limites finances and that you need nothing else really! Just you🖤

    Michelle on

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