Excerpts From The Grimoire: Crystal

Why Copper?

By Megan the Copper Witch

Why Copper?
Why do I work in copper? Copper is something that has always drawn me, now I understand it was because of its grounding properties. Copper is connectivity and stability. Copper also enhances the energies of the stones it surrounds. As someone who surrounds themselves with things that bring connection and magic into their life, copper has become a foundation for me.
I began working with jewelry many years ago, at first it was just making jewelry. But as I discovered copper and began my journey of creation, so did I continue on my spiritual development. My craft is my worship, each piece an offering, each piece a window. It keeps me coming back and delivers the utmost joy when my clients tell me of their experiences with my talismans.
Being drawn to spiritually charged items says something about where you are in your journey. Whether you have Crystal Coven talismans already or are considering investing in your magic, you have been called. Tune into your intuition and continue your work.
For those who have been on the path and know what they need, I do craft custom talismans. These can be as involved or minimal as desired and intention will be set with them. The more details you give as far as intention goes, the more I can pour into your talisman. 
May you trust yourself.
Megan, the Copper Witch of Crystal Coven

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The Call of the Crystal Ball

By The Copper Witch

The Call of the Crystal Ball

That’s right, Crystal Balls really do line our walls at Crystal Coven. They call to us. They are so much more than spheres made of stone. Each has their own personality and certain energies and situations in which they flourish. They are the divine feminine encased in a home of perfect completion. No sharp turns, nothing but the most welcoming of curves in an abundant and continuous form.

Crystal Balls are a portal to our own divinity. They move with our rhythm, enhance our magic, and bring down the power of the Moon herself. When we hold a crystal ball in hand, we are gently immersed in the energy it brings. The crystal ball emanates energy equally in all directions, making it both comforting and mysterious.

Whether you are looking for your very first crystal ball or looking for a ritual tool with a specific energy, we can help. We have an entire section dedicated to Crystal Balls in the shop. 

Click here to browse our current selection.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via email (connect@joincrystalcoven.com) or Instagram DM (@join.crystal.coven).

Until Next Time,

The Copper Witch

Crystal Coven

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